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Why Truck Advertising

Reaching a sometimes hard to influence audience in an uninterrupted space; the UK’s major road network. Your ad can be placed on just the rear of the truck, or wrapped around the whole truck (both sides & rear) making this an ideal place to stand out from your competition.

An ever changing audience 

Multiple demographics are easily accessible, with an audience that changes on a daily basis. Your campaign has the power to reach new people daily and not just the same people commuting along the same routes as with other forms of OOH advertising.

Each and every truck in your campaign has the ability to provide you with multi locational reach. This means less challenges for you in the planning stages of a campaign; each truck has the flexibility to target different locations, national or regional, unlike the impact of other forms of OOH advertising.

Cost effectiveness

Extremely cost effective advertising, allowing your advertising budget to go further –in terms of both mileage and value!


Get in touch today – we’d be more than happy to help!


Get in touch today – we’d be more than happy to help!

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Request for quotation (RFQ): Quotation for procurement of billboard advertising space; TMH Outdoor will provide details of the most economically advantageous billboard recommendations, including rationale and justification, based on project brief.

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