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Pubs, bars, clubs and washroom advertising

Pubs, bars and clubs all attract a particular demographic of clientele. Those who frequent each of these establishments could be anyone from students, professionals, sports fans, or over 50s.

Whether you’re interested in pub advertising, bar advertising, or club advertising, we can help advise on what’s best for you, as well as how to successfully execute advertising within this area to drive valid results for your business.

Digital poster adverts are great for the more modern variety of bars, which are likely to attract a high number of millennials or students. This age demographic is more likely to engage with adverts in digital format, as they’ve grown up surrounded by it.

Eye-catching, bright, and often animated, digital adverts can easily sit in bars and clubs and draw in your desired audience, almost without them realising.

Digital posters are usually situated in prominent positions – near to large screens, where sports fans are likely to be, or next to the bar, which may help influence decisions when ordering.

The beauty of this is that different forms of creative can easily be tested, and often switched around based on results and insight. It’s also perfect for a quick turnaround, where messages can be amended without you worrying about going to print, which is also cost effective.

Washroom advertising is extremely effective – you’ll have likely seen it yourself when you’re in a washroom of a pub, bar or club.

Usually located on the backs of toilet doors, above hand dryers, wash basins and urinals, washroom advertising captivates the audience with a two-minute dwell time, when they usually have nowhere else to look and their full attention falls on the message you’re communicating.

Aim for posters with eye-catching colours and creative, large fonts which can be read easily, and messages which instantly stand out to the audience.

Open bar areas

You’ll have probably witnessed plenty of posters in pubs, as the more common option of print is typically seen in traditional establishments.

Open bar areas, large wall spaces, on the bar itself, or even the tables are a great way to utilise traditional forms of print advertising in pubs and bars. Whilst socialising and chatting, the audience will most likely let their eyes wander around the environment, especially when headed to the bar area.


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Get in touch today – we’d be more than happy to help!

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