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Why Bus Advertising?

Looking to start a bus advertising campaign? When it comes to as advertising your brand you now need to look outside of the home. We now spend more time away from home due to work commitments, commuting and socialising during the evenings. Businesses need to be aware of this shift in culture and make the best use of modern advertising.

Bus advertising

As a business, it now makes perfect sense to embrace modern and innovative bus advertising. This type of advertising targets drivers with eye-catching rear bus adverts, and passing pedestrians with stunning wrap adverts. Internal bus advertisements such as bulkheads and headlines will grab the attention of passengers and can be truly interactive when you incorporate QR code technology to help sell your latest product.

The stats

The sheer amount of traffic on our roads and the number of people using transport are staggering, not to mention the thousands of pedestrians who frequent our city streets. Department for Transport research shows that there are approximately 4.4 billion people who use buses in the UK, with half of all passengers travelling within London. With so many people using buses to travel to work and to commute around our cities, it makes perfect sense to embrace bus advertisements.

A wide audience

Buses operate 7 days a week and can be on the road for up to 18 hours a day. Bus advertisements will, therefore, target an exceptionally wide audience. From the city centre to residential areas and then further afield, your advert will be seen by a variety of people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. You can also specifically target motorists, pedestrians or passengers.

Build brand awareness

Bus advertising is the perfect way to build brand awareness. Place your ad on the inside or outside of the bus. Advertise a show that you are showcasing, that local event or conference, or your very latest must-have product.

Bus advertising options

Bus advertising is incredibly flexible and can be provided in a range of different formats that include:

  • Rear advertising is perfect for motorists and pedestrians.
  • Side advertising also targets pedestrians with eye-catching designs and statement headlines.
  • Headlines are situated inside the bus, just above where passengers sit. At head height as passengers board and alight, they are ideally placed to capture attention.
  • Wraps provide a standout and powerful form of bus advertisement with that added WOW factor.

All options are available to suit every budget and need. If you run a business or organisation and want to build up your brand with new and innovative bus advertisements, then please talk to us about our options.

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Get in touch today – we’d be more than happy to help!

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