When it comes to getting your business or product noticed, it’s all about exposure. One of the best ways to maximise your reach is with billboards. And there are a host of options available to suit your needs.
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Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are becoming one of the most popular forms of billboard advertising due to more advanced technology and the increasing demand of creative advertising.

From the iconic Piccadilly Circus to your local bus stop, digital billboards are fast becoming the everyday visual aspect of our high streets. Although the largest 96 sheet size is mainly used by big brands with big budgets, the smaller 48 sheet and 6 sheet formats are now compatible with digital technology. This means smaller companies are now able to take advantage of this new technology in adding digital billboards in more audience-specific locations to their advertising strategy.

Digital billboards are striking, eye-catching and allow a company to promote their product or service through the magic of video with vibrant LED screens. Booking by hour, day or night, this kind of advertising is perfect for targeting the audience you want at a time you choose.

Standard Billboards

These are the traditional billboards we all know, from giant posters of the latest film to small bus stop posters of a popular branded drink. Known for bringing awareness to a company or its product, they make a brilliant impression on the consumer.

Standard billboards are highly visible and are placed in prominent locations where there is heavy traffic and footfall with the potential to reach very large audiences every day.

These billboards cost less than digital billboards, which means you can take advantage of the advertising space for a longer period of time (subject to availability).

6 Sheets (Also Known as Adshel)

Small yet powerful, Adshel can make a strong impression on millions of people in just a few weeks. They are located in bus shelters, train stations, outside convenience stores and are often positioned in busy town centres.

These digital billboards are creative, interactive and innovative, and they can reach the specific consumer you’re looking for.

48 Sheet

These are the classic size of billboards which are placed in key locations to target consumers on commuter routes such as main roads, train stations, bus stations, and even retail parks and city centres.

The large vinyl format, which can be backlit or illuminated, can quite easily dominate an area.

96 Sheet

The largest billboard available, at the size of two 48 sheets, is extremely effective in heavy-traffic locations. Big and eye-catching, they advertise to the consumer in prime locations to achieve better brand awareness.

Whatever your advertising project, the 96 sheet is sure to make a huge impact, ideal when you need to get your message across.

lamppost banner advertising

High quality photographic PVC banners professionally installed on lamppost columns, each lamppost banner is raised at least 2.4m above street level, so your campaign will always be visible above the clutter and located on busy streets and main arterial routes.

Lamppost banners are great way to engage with your customers, where it will have the greatest relevance for your campaign. This format has a proven 2.5x better recall rate, helping you reach customers in the “Active Space” directly influencing their purchasing behaviour. This cost effective format, can be targeted to an individual site or dominate an entire street or area.

Example: Digital Panel Ad

Hospital poster advertising

Hospital poster advertising offers a highly effective means by which to communicate with patients, visitors and staff and simultaneously contribute towards hospital revenues.

The benefits of poster advertising are that they reach the entire hospital audience of patients, visitors and staff, all at a time when they are most receptive to messages relating to health and wellbeing.

We manage both local and national campaigns, increasing advertisers’ credibility through strategic positioning within the NHS environment.

Formats include 6s, 4s and A1, lift wraps and washroom panels.

6s, 4s and A1 panels.


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Get in touch today – we’d be more than happy to help!

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