Why Outdoor?

why choose outdoor advertising?

It’s eye catching

Outdoor advertising can be viewed multiple times and positioned in the most targeted areas. Technology has moved on so much over the years, there are now many different formats, from static sites, digital, wi-fi enabled sites and even interactive sites that allows you to engage with passing consumers. Outdoor advertising has a bigger reach than any other media. According to (Route) Out-of-Home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week.

Planning your campaign

Knowing your main objective is key to planning your outdoor campaign, whether you want to increase brand awareness or create more audience engagement. If you choose to advertise on billboards in heavy traffic locations, at bus stops on busy High Streets, or on platforms at busy train stations, there is a wealth of choices to help you reach out to your targeted audience and help you achieve your end goal. There are so many different outdoor formats, all at different price levels, it simply depends on your main objective and who you are looking to target. Whether you choose one simple ad at a bus shelter, or various 48 sheets spread out over a large demographic area, out of home (OOH) advertising will be suitable for any budget size.


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